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Book In A Month Club

Hop on board! Join the fun! This club is all about writing and getting your book project done. Whether it’s a picture book or a novel, nonfiction or sci-fi, you can write the book of your dreams and you can write it in just one month! It takes focus, determination, and a get-go type of attitude, but if you’ve been frustrated with the number of pages you’ve been turning out so far, then join this club and write that book!

Here’s How to Start:
Write your book however you want. Some folks will want to just jump in on the first day and start writing and see what direction their book takes off in. Others may want to take several weeks or months to work on the pre-writing research and organization. Whatever works best for you is great! Here are some tips for those of us who want to plan ahead:

If you’re picking up a manuscript that you already started earlier, take a week or so to familiarize yourself with your project. Get your notes in order. Organize any loose ends. Read over your material again.

If you’re starting fresh from scratch, prepare for your project. Make an outline for the entire book and flesh out details such as character sketches, or research sources. Organize everything into easily accessible folders so time won’t be wasted trying to locate important notes.

Perhaps do a couple of trial runs at writing a section, page, or chapter of your book. This will help you determine how much time you’ll need each day to devote to writing in order to complete your goals. Allow extra time for editing each day before you begin writing. This keeps a constant flow of writing-editing-writing-editing and helps maintain a better first draft. Just be careful not to spend too much time in the editorial process. Your main goal is to continue moving forward with the manuscript.

If you’re doing extensive research, take time before you start to order in a batch of key research books from the library. Keep them handy on a nearby shelf. Be sure to make a note of their due date so you can renew them mid-month if necessary.

Make A Special Calendar:
Design a one-page calendar for you to track your progress. This calendar can be as fancy as you like, especially if you make it on a computer program and print it out. Be sure there’s lots of space to write in. Put the title of your book on it and add inspiring pictures. Ask God to give you a Scripture to encourage you as you go, and type this on your calendar as well.

Determine how much time you will have each day to write. Will it be an hour each day during lunch break? Two hours at night? Five hours when the kids are in school? Don’t write less than 30 minutes a day and try not to schedule in longer than eight hours a day unless you’re already used to a rigorous writing schedule of at least five hours a day. Organize your daily and weekly writing goals, allowing time for research, if needed. Write your goals on your calendar. Purchase tiny stickers to stick on your calendar each day you reach your writing goals.

Remember to take one day off each week for your Sabbath rest. You can put a sticker on these calendar days, too! Don’t write on holidays if it means you’ll be neglecting your family. Keep focused on writing for the month, but keep your life balanced as well.

You can use this calendar as a type of journal, or write in a separate journal. Keep track of your progress, the secrets God whispers in your ear about this project, and special thoughts or incidents that occur during the month.

The Importance of Prayer
Spend time in prayer as you prepare yourself to start. Also plan on setting aside at least 15 minutes each day to meet alone with God throughout the month. Prioritize this time above everything else. Read the Bible, worship, and pray. You’ll receive direction, inspiration, and encouragement in the presence of God that will sustain you and nourish your writer’s soul.

Enhance Your Work Area
Atmosphere is very important to a writer. Some personalities love to carry their laptops to a popular coffee shop to plunk out their next thriller. Others need a quiet retreat far away from the crowd. Still others flourish on variety. Whichever type you are, plan on creating and maintaining an inspirational work space to write in over the upcoming month.

Gather motivational mementos to decorate your space. Magazine clips, photos, stuffed animals, candles, and Scriptures…ask God to help you find small things that will inspire you in a big way as you write.

Consider adding music to the atmosphere. Inspiration instrumentals or bouncy praise music…whatever suits your tastes and helps you focus is best.

Check to make sure your work space is a healthy environment. Ensure proper lighting to reduce eye strain. Is your keyboard set up to best limit effects from carpal tunnel? Does your chair fit so you won’t suffer unnecessary back pain?

Make good health a priority as you write. Plan to take a 5-10 minute break each hour. Do something vigorous to stimulate your blood flow and oxygen supply to your brain. Take a brisk 15-minute walk. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day and eat lots of fresh, nutritious veggies. Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep.

Get Ready, Get Set, Go!
Feel like you’re ready to hop on board? Pick a month to start and prepare to launch out on the first, Big Day! Happy writing!

Book in a Year Club
If your book is just absolutely too long to write in one short month, consider joining the Book In A Year Club. All you need to do is write one page each day, five days a week, for an entire year (except holidays) in order to be a member. By the end of the year you’ll have at least 250 pages written! For more information about the Book in a Year Club, CLICK HERE.