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Welcome to Kingdom Kidzone Publishing, my line of self-published books!

As a children’s author of over 100 books, I have been published by publishers big and small. I’ve worked with editors and marketing teams and publicists on projects galore. I’ve signed contracts, been repped by agents, and worked out the nitty gritty details of every published book from start to finish.

With over 30 years experience in the children’s publishing industry, I also like to self-publish my own books from time to time. Why? The answers are varied. Sometimes I want to work on a project that I can maintain 100% control without changing little details to fit better into a certain publisher’s product line or adjust to a current marketing trend. Sometimes I want to keep a certain book in print as long as I want and not worry about a publisher putting it on their backlist after three short years (or even taking it out of print in that limited time). Sometimes I just want to work on a project at my own pace without an intense deadline to hurry toward.

Here is the place where you can find some of these books that I’ve self-published. Click on each link to discover more about each one!

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With Photographs and Sentences to Build Confident Readers
(Under Construction)

Dolch Word List Flash Cards 95 Nouns (In Full Color)

Dolch Word List Flash Cards b & w

Note: This site is still under construction. Please come back soon for more!