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I love to quilt! My favorite quilts to make are baby quilts and now that we have our own grandbaby I get to use some of the ones I’ve kept like this one in the photograph above.

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I was always on the lookout for sweet little quilt labels to sew on the back of the baby quilts I made, especially when I gave them as gifts to my nieces and nephews to welcome their precious little ones into the world.

I pretty much came up empty-handed…until now! When I made my most recent quilt to give away at a family member’s baby shower, I had fun creating my own quilt labels! Here’s a picture of the 10 quilt label designs I created for the baby quilts I love to make:

Quilt labels for Kids 10 squares

And here’s a picture of the 10 quilt label designs I created for quilts I make for my own home or to give away to grown-up family and friends. (Zoom in and you can see the Scripture I included on each one of them!)

Quilt Labels 10 with Scriptures

Here’s the quilt I made recently and added my very first quilt label (the parents-to-be are decorating with a Narnia theme).


And here’s the oh-so-fun quilt label I designed and sewed into the corner on the back!


After washing the fabric and cutting out the cotton label, I folded over two of the raw fabric edges.


Then I pressed it flat.


Next I pinned it in place with the raw edges aligned in the corner of the quilt.


I machine stitched around all 4 edges.



Then I sewed on the binding.


Here’s what it looked like when it was all done!



Then I wrote on the label with my favorite fabric permanent marker…and gave the gift as a keepsake on the mommy-to-be’s special day as we gathered together for her baby shower.

But wait!!!!

Guess what?! The exciting news is this:

The best thing about all this is that I decided to make them for sale for YOU so you can have fun adding these to your family heirlooms as well.

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You can buy 2 of them as a test swatch, 12 of them as a fat quarter, or an entire yard to use or give as gifts to your quilting friends. What a great gift idea to take along on your next quilter’s retreat to share with the other gals! Plus, if you’re making a special quilt for that special someone you know, adding one of these labels on the back helps make your beautiful heirloom even more of a treasure.

Happy quilting!